Sunday, October 9, 2016

Second Birthday Milk and Cookies Pictures

Dear little Pemberley,
I don't know how two years has already gone by. Every day I look at you and marvel that Daddy and I made you. You're absolutely perfect in every way, and it's truly not possible to love you any more than we already do.

For your birthday this year, as much fun as the Pancakes and Pajamas party was last year, we decided to go a different route and incorporate one of your current favorite foods: cookies (or, as you call them, "co-tays"), so we did a Milk and Cookies-themed party. Jo Snaps did your pictures, and they're absolutely p e r f e c t. They capture your silly side, your sweet side, and my personal favorite...your sassy side.

And last but definitely not least...
full of sass

You're the one who made me a mama, and I'm so happy God chose you to give to us. We thank our lucky stars every day that you're in our lives, and we can't wait to watch what amazing things you will go on to do.

Now on to finish prepping for your party!
All of my love, my big two year old,

Friday, September 30, 2016

Goodbye Old House!

Dear Pemberley and Waverley,
Oh little ones! Daddy and I are so excited to move you both into our new house in Kansas City, Kansas! I will post some more details about the move later (it went GREAT, thank the Lord), but I wanted to take a second and show you the house that you both started your lives in. You've seen bits and pieces of it in random pictures, but here are the professional photos from the listing agent so you can see all of the rooms.

Daddy and I bought this house waaaay back when we started dating in 2012 (after only three months of dating, believe it or not!). We've put a lot of time and love into it, and honestly never thought we would move so soon. But since Daddy's job at BPU has a residency requirement, we decided to make the move sooner rather than later. I can't wait to show you pictures of your new home! Three out of the four bedrooms upstairs need serious coats of paint (they are the worst shades of yellow, green, and orange), but our family will grow to love our new house as much as we loved the old one. 
All my love,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mom Confessions

Dear Pemberley and Waverley,
This has been a day-drinking kind of week (and it's only Wednesday), so I feel like a shared post on "mom confessions" is in order.

1) I had grand plans for this summer with both of you. We were going to go to water parks, the zoo, and cute clothes shopping.  In reality, those plans have turned into playing in the bathtub or sink, petting the dogs and cats, and cleaning out the closets. It's too freaking hot to go anywhere.

2) I am so over breastfeeding. I will continue to do it until you self-ween, Wavie Bug, but I'd be lying if I said I enjoy it. I'm ready to have my body back to myself.

3) Mom guilt is real. Even though #2 is totally true, I still feel guilty about it. And I feel guilty because you, Waverley, are not getting the same newborn attention that Pemberley did when she was tiny. And I feel guilty because you, Pemberley, are not getting all of the toddler attention that I feel like you need, either. 

4) We've made coffee runs to Dunkin Donuts more times this summer than I'd like to admit. (And so what if we were all most likely barefoot for them?)

5) You two will be starting daycare in three weeks when I go back to work. Pemberley, you did awesome at your trial run last week, so I'm not too worried about you. I think you'll do better around more people anyway, because you're a little social butterfly. Waverley, though...I'm scared I'll be getting a "Please-come-get-your-daughter-she-won't-stop-crying" call a few hours after Daddy drops you off. You're a total mama's girl.

6) Bedtime stories have kind of gotten the shaft this summer, mostly because it's hard putting two kids to bed at the same time. The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been read as follows: There once was a caterpillar. He was hungry. He ate a bunch of food. Then he ate a big leaf. He got very fat, and built a cocoon. Then he became a beautiful butterfly. The end. I will do better once things calm down, I promise!

7) Nothing says it's time for a jumbo margarita like walking in to get you after a nap, Pemberley, and finding out that you've smeared your poop all over yourself and your crib sheet.

8) Accidental Amazon purchases to date by you, Pemberley:  $5.66. I don't know why you thought we needed a subscription to Oprah's e-magazine, or a copy of The Nightmare on Elm Street, but okay.

9) I love you girls more than the world.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Four Months of Sisters

Dear Pemberley and Waverley,
You have been sisters for four months now, and I can barely remember a time when you two weren't. Seeing the two of you together is the best feeling in the world, and it's only going to get better from here on out! (And Waverley, I promise you are not nearly as terrified of Pemberley as you look in these pictures!)
It took me awhile to get used to basically seeing double, because the two of you were practically identical newborns. I put together a few comparison pictures and had Daddy and your grandmas try to guess who is who in them. They're harder than you might think!
Left: Pemberley - Right: Waverley
Left: Waverley - Right: Pemberley

Over the past four months, there are some phrases I truly can't believe I have uttered, mostly directed at you, Pemberley. These include:

-Fingers do NOT go in your sister's eye/mouth/ear/other eye/nose/other ear.
-No, her paci does not belong in the dog fountain.
-No, Waverley does not want your Cheez-It.
-For fuck's sake, she doesn't want your boogers, either. 

Pemberley, you adore your little sis. You're always walking up to her and saying, "Baby! Baby!" about an inch from her face. You love looking at my phone to see her picture, and you have gotten super good at hauling ass around the corner to see what's going on when she cries out. Your gentle touches have also gotten A LOT better, which I really, really appreciate. You didn't even mind too much when she yanked some hair out after you practically body slammed on top of her.

Waverley, you LOVE looking at Pemberley to see what she's up to. You've gotten really good at turning your head to follow her around the living room, and you are constantly turning your head to follow her voice (like that one time when she went "HIIIII-YAAA!" and roundhouse kicked her sippy cup across the kitchen floor, or the other time when she was walking around singing Bieber at the top of her lungs with a snack cup on her hand in a very Captain Hook-esque manner).

Daddy and I can't wait for the day when you two walk to the park holding hands, or when you're both stealing each others sharing clothes and reading the same books. For now, though, we'll take all of the sister snuggles we can get!

I love you both so much,

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July + A Throwback!

Dear little Pemberley,
Another summer, another 4th of July! This year we didn't do much except hang out at home. It's been in the upper 90s lately, so staying indoors suited us all just fine! I did manage to find last year's outfit, though, and I was floored when I put it on you and it still fit :)

You seemed happy to hang out with Rusty for the better part of the day. You two are best buds and thick as thieves.

And I think it's safe to say we've gotten little glimpses of what it's going to be like when you're a teenager. This stare (complete with a long, slow "how dare you ask me to smile" eye roll) sums it up pretty well...all sass.

Last but not least, here's a throwback picture to last year. I still can't believe what a big girl you are now! I promise, next year we will do the 4th of July right:: fireworks, a barbeque, and fruit cake with whipped cream!

Love you so much sweet Pemberley,

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Daddy's Weekend

Dear little Pemberley,
Daddy lives for the month of June...this year his birthday and Father's Day fell on back-to-back days! We had a ton of fun celebrating what an amazing Daddy he is.

For Father's Day, I made this neat little book of Daddy+Daughter Dates. The idea is that as you and Wavie grow up, you each get to go on different dates with Daddy and fill the book up with pictures and mementos of your time together. I can't wait to watch you three add to it as you get older!

To cap off Father's Day, we celebrated at Chapala Mexican Restaurant. I managed to snap this picture as we finished up dinner. It might just be my new favorite picture of you two. He loves you sooooo much Pemberley!

The next day, for Daddy's birthday, you and Waverley got Daddy this picture frame, with a special poem that I edited just a little. You're in the first's one of the first times that Daddy ever held you in his arms. Waverley is in the other picture, in the same hospital, and it's one of the first times Daddy ever held her, too. I'm so happy we have these framed to help us remember how small you both were and how special your daddy-daughter bond is.

Happy Father's Day AND 32nd birthday to the best Daddy in the world!
All of my love to you, Pemberley,
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